Best Family Hotels in St. Lucia

Are you traveling with your family to St. Lucia? In this article, we have listed some of the best hotels that you want to stay in. We have ranked these hotels based on their rating and reviews from hotel guests.

Curio Collection

Your family deserves a five-star accommodation in the Curio Collection by Hilton Harbor Club. It features modern rooms and a huge multilevel freeform pool with a hot tub, a spa, and a gym. Nothing is cheap here but if you can save enough, you’d be able to give your family the vacation of their lifetime. Curio Collection is located in Gros Islet.

Fitzy Haven

Not quite your luxury hotel but still Fitzy Haven is a favorite of many tourists because it is much cheaper. Located in Gros Islet, it is very accessible from Reduit Beach. You can stay at the Fitzy Haven and still enjoy the beach later on your vacation. It has two bedrooms that offer great views of the mountain and sea. There is a flat screen TV for each room and a washing machine just in case you prefer washing your own clothes.

Villa Powye

This hotel doesn’t give you a pool or a spa to enjoy.  Located at a more secluded spot in Gros Islet, Villa Powye is more a three story house that offers private rooms and parking. Each room is freshly decorated with contemporary pieces and has a great view of the ocean. It is also very near to Reduit Beach making it a great option for tourists who aim at enjoying the most refreshing vacation of their lifetime.

LH Apartments

If you’re simply looking for a place where you can sleep at night, you may want to book a stay at LH Apartments. Still located in Gros Islet and 2.9 kilometres from Reduit Beach, this apartment features great rooms with free WiFi. This accommodation offers an apartment style setting so there are no special facilities like pools and spas. But you can take advantage of its affordable booking by using your day to tour around St. Lucia and going home to LH Apartment to rest at night.