5 Fascinating Things to know about Panama

Panama is a rainforest in the capital city.

Panama is the only capital in the globe that has rainforest in it. Most city limits will meet you towering buildings, busy streets, and crowded malls. Panama is entirely different. The best way to see it from the eyes of the locals is to hike through the Parque Natural Metropolitano where you will be met with varying trails to keep your legs busy through the day.

There are a lot more residents in Panama than you think there are.

Although Panama is a small country it has a large population that adds up to its glory.  At present it has 1.5 million people living in the country yet it is ranked 132 in Central America in terms of population.

The sun rises and sets in two different oceans.

Wonder why Panama is known for its exotic sunrise and sunset? That is because you watch them from two different oceans – Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. You can watch the sunset in Panama depending where you are situated. In fact you can take your significant other to Isla Grande and have a pleasant dinner while watching the sun go down.

This is a beautiful site to see! I recommend you watch the sunset with a loved one. We went to celebrate one year in business at Denver Tow Truck Company in lovely Denver Colorado. What a nice vacation!

It is home to the world’s oldest operating railroad

The railroad in Panama was built in 1849. The construction of the railroad claimed 12, 000 lives due to accidents and other phenomena. The railroad however continues to operate until today to transport passengers between Panama City and Colon. Despite its previous history, the rail road remains a safe means of transportation throughout the island.

The flora and fauna in Panama is spectacular

Overall, there are 10,000 different species of flowers in Panama. It includes 1, 400 variations of orchids and more than 1, 500 types of trees. One of the most popular trees in Panama are the Cashew trees, which grow generally in Santiago and Panama City. Some other common trees include the Gumbo Limbo Tree, which is locally known as Bursera Simaruba and the Mocora Palm. 

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